National Bank For Agricluture

National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development 2015-10-26 22-53-45

The Goal of the programme is capacity building and empowerment of the farming community and more particularly the small and Marginal farmers across rural areas.The main objective of the programme initially was to propagate the five principles of “Development through Credit” viz.
1. Credit must be used in accordance with the most suitable methods of Science & technology,
2.Terms & conditions of credit must be fully respected.
3. Work must be done with skill so as to increase production & productivity.
4. A part of additional income created by credit must be saved and
5. Loan instalments must be repaid in time and regularly so as to recycle credit.
These deliverables could be linked to increase in ground level credit flow, improvement in recovery climate, overall increase in agriculture production and savings made by farm house holds in the operational areas of the clubs. On revisiting the programme in 2005, the vision of the programme was redefined as “Development of Rural areas through credit, technology transfer, awareness, capacity building and Marketing” with emphasis on increasing the income of the farmers by increasing production, productivity, quality of produce and marketing skills.


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